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Rodomi įrašai nuo 2013

Dami is finally at home ^^

I have received her body in the evening, so for today I only have few not really good quality photos (most of them are box opening). I will take better photos tomorrow. Anyway, putting Elfdoll head on Obitsu body may not have been my smartest decision. Some parts of neck didn't fit and then I spent few hours putting eye putty around the neckpiece. It worked. However, the neck could be smaller and thinner for my tastes. And then there's also color difference. I suppose it doesn't show after putting on clothes and I'm grateful for that. Another big problem is clothes. Dami is 40cm while Miyuki is 50cm and Sayuri is 60cm. I have problem finding right clothes for Miyuki (at least I know what style fits her!) but at least she is able to share some with her older sister. However I have absolutely nothing for MSD/MDD girls. For now she's wearing dress sewn for Miyuki by Ausra and a skirt sewn for Sayuri (nowadays usually worn by Miyuki) by my mom. The skirt is a bit too …

Third girl on her way~

I know I'm lazy asshole and I am terribly sorry for that. But I have some good news - my third BJD girl is almost here! My mom bought Elfdoll Dami head this summer and now we bought Obitsu 40cm body for her. I must admit that I'm a little bit afraid that skin tones won't match or that I won't be able to put the head on body. But I hope everything works out fine.

Best sleepover

Me and my friend had to get up at 7 a.m. However at some point she came up with brilliant idea to roll in the bed sheets and have caterpillar race. Without light.

It ended with us laughing too hard to move.


So, today I (with a help from a friend) attached Miyuki's head on her body - Obistu 50cm. The color difference is there but it's not that noticeable in photos. I followed MimiWoo's tutorial although in the end me and my friend didn't use one part of neck (the one in 5th step, next to pink arrow). Everything turned out fine, though. And Miyuki is very cute! ^^ Also, I want to say that I will be going on holiday since tomorrow (my exam session at university is over). I'm leaving to my hometown but my laptop and Sayuri will have to stay at home (I'm taking Miyuki and my dog with me, though). I don't know when I will get my laptop because it still needs to be fixed and summr is good time to do that. So, I will upload proper box opening and Miyuki's introduction when I get my laptop back.
HAppy summer, everyone. ^.~

Just ordinary day at university

-waiting for Latin exam part orally-Groupmate1: Remember how lecturer suggested throwing book at wall? How about we throw it through the window?Me: We are in 9th floor...Groupmate2: But imagine how fast it would go down!Me: Yeah, imagine person walking casually and then being hit by a book. Instant kill.Groupmate2: We should tie a rock to that book just to make sure it would really hit.Me: Or we could throw a brick.Groupmate1: *ruffles through her bag* Oh, I have matches! We could set the door on fire!Groupmate1: Or we could lock lecturer inside until he writes us the marks we want.Me: ....Me: We are evil....


My girl has finally arrived!!! And the box is HUGE!!! I literally started jumping and screaming when I got the call from courier that he's on his way to me with my package. And then I spent those few minutes until his arrival standing by door and looking through eyehole until I saw him climbing the stairs holding huge box. :D My friend encourages me to open the box, so we will be meeting on Saturday and opening it together. ^^

Second girl on her way!

Firstly, some background info: on November 28th of last year I have received my DDH-03 head and since then have been saving for her body. I have made some test photos by putting the had on Sayuri's body and now Miyuki's real body (Obitsu 50cm) is on its way to me. I can't wait till I get her! I even have some plans for her personality and dreams! So far in my head she's a rather shy girl who dreams to become idol! But in order to achieve her dream, she will have get over her shyness first and that's where Sayuri comes in. Now my Sayuri will be dependable big sister! ^.~

22th place...

It turns out Lithuania fucked up relationships with neighbours and emigrants really hard. UK, Latvia, Spain and German (and probably others, too) didn't give us any points and Georgia gave us only 1 point (compared to last year's 12). But 22nd place isn't the last or second last place, so that's the bright side.


I just finished watching 1st semi-final of Eurovisoon and I'm really happy that our Andrius Pojavis and his song "Something" made to the finals. I know that people who made to the final are called randomly but being called 2nd kind of makes me feel good. Now I can only hope that he won't be at the bottom (last year Donny Montell was 14th! ^^). So, yeah, I will keep my fingers crossed.

[AMV] Dunya & Isaac - Lullaby

It's been a quite a long time (almost a year) since I made my last AMV. And so, I made AMV dedicated to Dunya & Isaac from Magi: Last Labyrinth. I'm actually quite fond of this video. ^^  WARNING: voilence and major spoilers for Magi episodes 23-25

Few photos~

Since I haven't been very active here altely, I decided to share some photos. Yesterday my friend Hinatule  came over and brough some food made from polymer clay for photoshoot. I must say that her food looks like a real one! More photos on my flickr. ^^

Red Data Girl episode 2

I didn't expect 2nd episode to be streamed on NicoNico Douga, so I was surprised when I found out that 2nd episode is out. But that's fine. Less agony waiting for me. :3

First impressions: Red Data Girl

P.A. Works brings a new anime! Just like with KyoAni, I nowadays I tend to watch any new anime from this studio. Also, character designs are done by Mel Kishida who is responsible for Hanasaku Iroha characters' designs and the opening song is done by Annabel (who also sang Another and Sankarea EDs). But how is anime itself?


Two days ago I saw this poster (on the left). I got interested and yesterday went to library of my university to meet the students from Japan. They came here to promote their university (Tokyo Metropolitan University) since their university and out university has a contract. I wanted to learn more about how can I come to Japan but I guess I would need to ask around in my university. ^^' So, after presentation (which was about Japan, their language, culture and university) we had calligraphy workshop! We (the students and lecturers from our university) divided in three groups and we were shown how to write. Then somebody asked a Japanese lecturer to write his/her (I don't remember who was the person who asked) name. The lecturer did so and then everyone wanted. I got my name written in Japanese as well! Later we just kept asking how to write some words and tried to copy the writing. It was really really fun! I also got one Japanese magazine to take a look at. I picked the maga…

Another photo of Miyuki~

I just realized that I never posted this photos here, just on flickr. Personally I think Miyuki looks better in blonde wig. The black wig suits Sayuri better. :)  However, now  chances to ger Miyuki body this summer are looking really bleak. In autumn or spring I will be leaving Lithuania through student exchange program. And although I will get some money, it's not enough to cover flight costs and the body might have to wait until 2015. ;_; If I leave in autumn, I will return right before Christmas/New Years of 2013 and I won't have any money, so saving up $200+ will take quite a while. If I go in spring, I will have more time to save for tickets but not for her body. I considered selling this sweetie even though it would hurt a lot but my mom insists that I keep her. But I'm not so sure about that. I mean I can't put her on Sayuri's body without modding (for photos I just take out her neck connector, but in that case head falls from slightest touch) and even if I…

New clothes from Ausra!!!

I posted this a while ago but I felt way too lazy to post here or on the forums. ^^' Anyway, Sayuri got a whole collection dedicated to her and sewn by my awesome friend Ausra! In my opinion Sayuri looks like a princess with that red dress. Speaking of the dress, I've been dreaming of having it for a while. Ausra's dresses always looked so gorgeous and now Sayuri has it as well! More photos available at :)

New Miyuki photo

Her real wig has arrived and my mom put Miyuki's head on Sayuri's body to see how she looks now. I'm returning home tomorrow, so I will get to play with her wig a bit! I can't wait!

[Vertimas] Shin Sekai Yori/Iš Naujojo Pasaulio

This post is in Lithuanian language for my Lithuanian readers.
Šį kart ne mano vertimas, bet užtat dėmesio vertas dalykas - Shin Sekai Yori su lietuvišku įgarsinimu! Kol kas SSY yra vienas iš mano favoritų, todėl labai džiugu jį girdėt lietuviškai. Įgarsinimas puikus, o ir pats anime tikrai išskirtinis, todėl būtinai pabandykite! Tiesa, kol kas tik viena serija, bet savaitgalį žadama ir antra. ^^ Už vertimą ir įgarsinimą labai dėkoju liežuvėliui!

[Vertimas] Muscle Sensation/Raumenų sensacija

Another translation of mine. This time it's a scene from Little Busters visual novel. English readers feel free to watch video only as it is in English. :)/Dar vienas mano vertimas. Šį kartą tai scena iš Little Busters vizualinės novelės.

[Vertimas] Sunohara and toilet seat cover/Sunohara ir tualeto dangtis

Originally I translated this video for my mom but I don't think she even watched it, so now I'm putting it here. In video you can see one of the funniest scenes ever created - Sunohara adding "and a toilet seat cover" at the end of his sentences. Since I wanted more people to appreciate this scene, I translated it in Lithuanian. You can find my translation below./Šį video išverčiau mamai, bet nemanau, kad ji jį žiūrėjo, taigi įkeliu čia. Šis video yra vienas juokingiausių kada nors sukurtų momentų - Sunohara prie kiekvieno sakinio prodeda "ir tualeto dangtis". Kadangi norėjau, jog daugiau žmonių pamatytų šią sceną, išverčiąu ją į lietuvių kalbą. Vertimas žemiau.

Few photos of Miyuki

So, my DDH-03 head finally has her eyes and for that occasion I wanted to make some photos of her. :)

And then I decided to try and put this head on Sayuri's body. I tried before, so I know that 60cm Obitsu neck is too big for this head (it was modded by previous owner to fit 50cm body). So, I removed the neck and made some test photos. Of course, it was a bit hard since the head would fall off pretty quickly but somehow I managed to make few shots without supporting head. ^^

Currently I'm saving for Obitsu 50cm body which will go to Miyuki. She looks even cuter in person, so I can't wait till she gets completed. I'm dying to make some photos of Sayuri and Miyuki together!


Sorry for being so inactive lately but my life is a mess. I hate myself and I feel tired of everything most of time. I'm going to BJD meet on Saturday, so expect some photos on Facebook afterwards.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!