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So, today I (with a help from a friend) attached Miyuki's head on her body - Obistu 50cm. The color difference is there but it's not that noticeable in photos. I followed MimiWoo's tutorial although in the end me and my friend didn't use one part of neck (the one in 5th step, next to pink arrow). Everything turned out fine, though. And Miyuki is very cute! ^^ Also, I want to say that I will be going on holiday since tomorrow (my exam session at university is over). I'm leaving to my hometown but my laptop and Sayuri will have to stay at home (I'm taking Miyuki and my dog with me, though). I don't know when I will get my laptop because it still needs to be fixed and summr is good time to do that. So, I will upload proper box opening and Miyuki's introduction when I get my laptop back.
HAppy summer, everyone. ^.~
Sayuri & Miyuki


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Disappointment of the season? At least for me.

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