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Another photo of Miyuki~

New wigI just realized that I never posted this photos here, just on flickr. Personally I think Miyuki looks better in blonde wig. The black wig suits Sayuri better. :) 
However, now  chances to ger Miyuki body this summer are looking really bleak. In autumn or spring I will be leaving Lithuania through student exchange program. And although I will get some money, it's not enough to cover flight costs and the body might have to wait until 2015. ;_; If I leave in autumn, I will return right before Christmas/New Years of 2013 and I won't have any money, so saving up $200+ will take quite a while. If I go in spring, I will have more time to save for tickets but not for her body. I considered selling this sweetie even though it would hurt a lot but my mom insists that I keep her. But I'm not so sure about that. I mean I can't put her on Sayuri's body without modding (for photos I just take out her neck connector, but in that case head falls from slightest touch) and even if I take Sayuri with me, Miyuki's head will have to stay in drawer for a long time. Also, if I get Miyuki's body in 2015, when I would be able to get boy I have wanted for a long time? In 2016 I will be graduating from university, so definitely not then. *sigh* Sometimes I think that I shouldn't have picked up this hobby. :(


  1. I recommend you to try and sell sayuri head. Miyuki is such a sweet heart :D That face is so adorable. Just leave it. Any how, you don't need to rush. Never know how things will change. especially if your mother insist of keeping her. maybe she'll help you to get body. You never know what mothers have in plan :D

    1. In the end things turned differently than I expected (I'm going to Latvia instead of UK for my student exchange program), so hopefully I will be able to get Miyuki's body this summer.


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