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Just ordinary day at university

  • -waiting for Latin exam part orally-
  • Groupmate1: Remember how lecturer suggested throwing book at wall? How about we throw it through the window?
  • Me: We are in 9th floor...
  • Groupmate2: But imagine how fast it would go down!
  • Me: Yeah, imagine person walking casually and then being hit by a book. Instant kill.
  • Groupmate2: We should tie a rock to that book just to make sure it would really hit.
  • Me: Or we could throw a brick.
  • Groupmate1: *ruffles through her bag* Oh, I have matches! We could set the door on fire!
  • Groupmate1: Or we could lock lecturer inside until he writes us the marks we want.
  • Me: ....
  • Me: We are evil....


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Disappointment of the season? At least for me.

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