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[AMV] Rin & Haru - I Haven't Forgotten You

Soo, I finally made another AMV. And even though my OTP of Free! is MakoHaru this song fits RinHaru so perfectly that my friend talked me into making this. Beware of sad and crying Rin. ^^

Download link: 4shared
Lyrics translated by & AMV dedicated to: KuroHinatule
Also, please watch in HD.

Story is kind of simple. Rin and Haru were childhood friends but their friendship wasn't always the best one. Today Rin hasn't forgotten about Haru and it hurts him seeing Haru smiling and laughing with somebody else (Makoto and their other friends). Unable to move on, Rin decides to settle things with Haru (hence crying face at "I belived in us"). If I had more time and would have made full video, I would have given them a happy end (with Haru realizing that he can't be happy without Rin and making up with him). 
I have one more project started (which is about Sinbad from Magi). So, hopefully soon I will upload another AMV.


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