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Rodomi įrašai nuo Kovo, 2013

Red Data Girl episode 2

I didn't expect 2nd episode to be streamed on NicoNico Douga, so I was surprised when I found out that 2nd episode is out. But that's fine. Less agony waiting for me. :3

First impressions: Red Data Girl

P.A. Works brings a new anime! Just like with KyoAni, I nowadays I tend to watch any new anime from this studio. Also, character designs are done by Mel Kishida who is responsible for Hanasaku Iroha characters' designs and the opening song is done by Annabel (who also sang Another and Sankarea EDs). But how is anime itself?


Two days ago I saw this poster (on the left). I got interested and yesterday went to library of my university to meet the students from Japan. They came here to promote their university (Tokyo Metropolitan University) since their university and out university has a contract. I wanted to learn more about how can I come to Japan but I guess I would need to ask around in my university. ^^' So, after presentation (which was about Japan, their language, culture and university) we had calligraphy workshop! We (the students and lecturers from our university) divided in three groups and we were shown how to write. Then somebody asked a Japanese lecturer to write his/her (I don't remember who was the person who asked) name. The lecturer did so and then everyone wanted. I got my name written in Japanese as well! Later we just kept asking how to write some words and tried to copy the writing. It was really really fun! I also got one Japanese magazine to take a look at. I picked the maga…

Another photo of Miyuki~

I just realized that I never posted this photos here, just on flickr. Personally I think Miyuki looks better in blonde wig. The black wig suits Sayuri better. :)  However, now  chances to ger Miyuki body this summer are looking really bleak. In autumn or spring I will be leaving Lithuania through student exchange program. And although I will get some money, it's not enough to cover flight costs and the body might have to wait until 2015. ;_; If I leave in autumn, I will return right before Christmas/New Years of 2013 and I won't have any money, so saving up $200+ will take quite a while. If I go in spring, I will have more time to save for tickets but not for her body. I considered selling this sweetie even though it would hurt a lot but my mom insists that I keep her. But I'm not so sure about that. I mean I can't put her on Sayuri's body without modding (for photos I just take out her neck connector, but in that case head falls from slightest touch) and even if I…

New clothes from Ausra!!!

I posted this a while ago but I felt way too lazy to post here or on the forums. ^^' Anyway, Sayuri got a whole collection dedicated to her and sewn by my awesome friend Ausra! In my opinion Sayuri looks like a princess with that red dress. Speaking of the dress, I've been dreaming of having it for a while. Ausra's dresses always looked so gorgeous and now Sayuri has it as well! More photos available at :)