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One more head~

It's been just few months since Saber's head arrived and here I have another head without body. xD The new member of the family is second hand Fairyland MiniFee Elya (natural skin). She came here from Russia on February 3rd. More photos under the cut.

Dami got the right to unpack the new head. Elya arrived well packed in a little perfume box.

And we finally unpack our new friend.~ 
Mom was the one who fell in love with this girl, so she is more my mother's girl than mine. However that also was the case with Dami and I fell in love with her so we shall see. I do like her elf ears, though. They came as a surprise actually. None of the photos from previous seller showed the head without the wig (which was long), so neither me nor mom had any idea that she actually has elf ears. They look really nice. I'm not entirely happy with her face up but I'm sure it will eventually grow on me. According to my best friend the black wig should look good on her because black eyebrows. One black 6-7" Cool Cat is on the way, so I hope it will fit.

The biggest problem with the head is its hole which kinda resembles the cross to me. I tried putting it on my Iplehouse body and the S hook fell through the hole. I don't plan to buy the original Fairyland body, so now I'm looking for the fitting body and then something to fix the neck problem. The eye pockets are cool, makes putting in eyes easier.

The original plan was to put this head on one of the Obitsu bodies (somewhere between 40 and 50cm) but due to color differences (left photo) it is not meant to happen. And there's also a fact that Obitsu body does not look well proportion wise. Dami's head is very similar in size and when unclothed the proportions and colors bother me a little bit, so the same would have been in this case as well. Volks Mini Dollfie Dream is a no because of colors too. 

Even though I don't have a body for this girl yet, I still wanted to check some wigs on her. Funnily enough these are the same two wigs I used on Dami's head when she had no body either. :D It seems that Elya's head is a tiny bit smaller than Dami's, so the wigs fit even better. Can't wait for that new black wig.

I have too many heads. xD 
Well, here's some sort of comparison. Saber's head is obviously the biggest and the most white. The middle one is Obitsu head I got with Miyuki's body. I never considered doing anything with her but she might be getting face up soon and then maybe a body. She's white skin but looks closer to natural skin though compared to Fairyland natural skin she does look kinda pale. And then there's Elya - both the smallest and the darkest of the trio. Three more girls. Just great. xD

Dami is judging my life decisions.
This is literally her reaction to one more head. She is loosing the status of the youngest family member. xD And I'm running out of space to hold them all. Seriously, I love her unhappy reaction. Although I hope she and the elf girl will get along - their body types will be similar as both need to be on the slim side due to their little heads.

The final photo - my MSD girls


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