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Kokoro Connect prank

Well, I have just heard about this and now I feel like a bridge was dropped on me. :'(  What I'm talking is this thing. To sum up:  producer Yamanaka Takahiro and three of KC voice actors planned a cruel joke on other, not really known seiyuu - Mitsuhiro Ichiki. He was invited to audition for anime original character. Later he appeared on live event and when it turned out that it's actually fake. You can find more info on MAL and ANN.

I really love KC and it hurts me to hear such things. Especially that Hisako Kanemoto (she plays Yui in KC) is involved. She also played Ika in Ika Musume. Ika is one of very best characters and I loved her degeso~. Why she had to do this?!!  ;_; You know that it means that her career is pretty much fucked up? I don't really know what happened with Aya Hirano but every time she appeared on news, she gets lots of hate. Lots of people are boycotting KC TV series and dropping this show altogether. I won't do this since I love KC's anime but what the staff did is more than just bullying. They made fun of Ichiki's dreams. Just because he isn't all that popular, is not a reason to make fun of him. I'm very grateful to Ichiki for his roles in Angel Beats (Christ, anyone? :D) and Another. But then even Kikuchi (from eufonius) had to stick his head in this whole mess with some really mean posts on twitter (saying that it's funny how some people fall for such pranks -.-). Why him as well? T_T Oh, and some people started flaming Eri Kitamura because they think that she's related to Yamanaka Takahiro (his girlfriend or something similar). Even if that's the truth, she's not responsible for his doings. She has nothing to do with this!!! But there's one person I really admire - Tomokazu Sugita! He publicly made it clear that he doesn't approve of such things and completely ignored Terashima Takura during some kind of radio show. This shows that not only Sugita is great seiyuu but awesome person as well. :')

And here's a video:


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