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My 6th BJD - Elia

So, remember when I said that Elya won't be on MiniFee body? Well, things happened and yesterday she received Fairyland MiniFee Active Line body with large bust. And because she has a body, she has finally officially joined my BJD family as the 6th member. :) More photos of her arrival under the cut. As always, please click on photo to see bigger version.

Like the head, the body also arrived from Russia, though the seller was different. I was very worried about the customs since it's a big box but since me and mom didn't want to pay much to customs, mom asked the seller to write a lower value. The seller wrote nothing in response to that so when I noticed that body is in Lithuania, mom contacted seller again to ask about value. The seller replied saying that she wrote nothing... The next day I get notice from post office. No fees. So, I went to the post office, got the big package and then found out that the value written on the package is €1! It's a miracle it went through the customs... xD

Anyway, after bringing back the package I left the unpacking to other MSD girls - Amy and Dami. After removing the bag (shown in photo above) a brown box was discovered. It was, of course, just an outer box, so we went deeper. After removing that box we discovered another box which was wrapped in trash bag for more protection. And then after removing the trash bag, we finally reached the original box.I tried to open the box but for some reason struggled with it. It turns out that I had back up this whole time instead of front. :D No wonder I couldn't take off the lid.

And this is how the original box looks like. It has a nice picture of other MiniFee girl - Celine who, I assume, was the original owner of this lovely body. 
And here's how the body looked in the box. I'm sorry it's such a small photo, please click on it to view larger version. Bigger version here completely ruins formatting of the post. :/

And since the post got long enough as it is, here's the final photo of my MSD size girls. Elia now is not only the youngest because she arrived last but also because she is the shortest. Dami got a rival. xD Oh and we are keeping he sculpt name (Elyia) but changing it a bit to Elia. Also, she's wearing a skirt made by mom around ten years ago for one of my Barbies. xD The skirt also fit Moxie Teenz and now Elia. Poor child has nothing to wear.
several more photos available on flickr


  1. Hi, i want to ask you, how much cost this doll?

    1. New from the company - $397 + face-up (optional, $70) + shipping + customs (depending on your country)

      Fullset (new, from the company) - $595 + shipping + customs


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