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New neck & shank part

Sayuri: More presents?
Me: Sort of. ^^;

Sayuri: Umm, that's not what I expected... >.>
Me: But that's for your own good!
Sayuri: I know...

Side by side comparison between old neck (60RPF03WP21) (but might as well have been 60RPF01WP21 since visually they look the same) and new neck (60RPF04WP21).

It's probably not clear from photo but new neck (this time on the left) is a tiny bit longer than old one. But luckily this caused no problems when I put it on the doll. I was surprised by how easy it was to put head on the body with this neck. I feared that I may need to heat it but luckily I didn't. :) As for the shank parts, they will stay unpacked for a while because I still need new knee joint. 


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Red Data Girl episode 2

I didn't expect 2nd episode to be streamed on NicoNico Douga, so I was surprised when I found out that 2nd episode is out. But that's fine. Less agony waiting for me. :3

First impressions - K

Disappointment of the season? At least for me.

[AMV] MikoTotsu - Thank You

It's been over two years since I made my last AMV. But I finished watching K: Return of Kings just few days ago and lately I've been listening to KOKIA songs, so this happened. I put it together in just one evening. :D I may or may not work on Anna centered AMV next. Also, I kinda feel urge to make MikoRei AMV with this song. We will see how things go.