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Some anime news

Autumn isn't that far away and with it more anime will be coming. So, let's take a look at trailers of anime I'm looking forward to.
So, let's star with the one I'm looking forward the least:
It's new KyoAni anime. The main character used to suffer from some kind of delusions (think of Okarin from Steins;Gate). Now he's all over these delusions but meets a girl who still hasn't grown out of them and then, of course, he decides to help her. I heard that original LN didn't have much of plot so I'm kinda interested in how KyoAni will make out of it. I love their works, so I will try watching this one if I have enough time.

Next in line is famous K anime project.
So far no plot details are known but this anime is supposed to be different from most of others. PVs look nice and show some battles. I'm not really into action anime but this one has interesting female lead - Neko, who I heard is actually the cat shown at 1:52-2:08. This would explain her name (which means cat) very well. Besides, there more guys than girls in the main cast. It's something you don't see very often these days.

And then we go to my top two, most anticipated anime of 2012 autumn season. One is Little Busters!
I think I have already said enough in my previous posts about how much I wait for LB! anime. So, I think there's no need to repeat myself here. PV looks great and I hope J.C. Staff will make great adaptation. They can do that when they want. It was done in the past and currently airing Natsuyuki Rendezvous is brilliant. Bakuman season one was quite good, too. I haven't watched second season but I'm sure it's good. And let's not forget Ano Natsu de Matteru. Maybe being original anime helped there but it sure was great anime. That's why I'm confident that J.C. Staff will make LB! anime shinw. They aren't KyoAni but they can make good anime as well!
P.S. for people who understand Spanish, here's a subbed PV for you. ^^

And moving on there is Robotic;Notes, which happens to be my most anticipated anime of fall!

Steins;Gate is one of my favorite anime ever. Rbotics;Notes is set in the same universe as Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. It's also somewhat of a sequel to Steins;Gate just with different characters. However, Nae Tennouji is said to appear in Robotics;Notes as well. From the PV, it looks a bit like mecha anime. VN opening shows that both protagonist and female lead enjoy playing games together. Appearently they also are childhood friends. Right now I don't know anything else and I'm glad. I hope I will manage to finish anime without spoiling myself (has happened to me with Clannad ~After Story~).

And on a side note, there's Kyoto Animation light novel Kyokai no Kanata.
It has been just released and I found it by accident, so I can't really say anything about it. Summary is in video description for those who are interested.

And that would be all. I don't think I will have enough time for any other anime seeing as Sword Art Online will countinue into autumn. I just hope I will manage to keep up with my anime, manga and studies... ^^;


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