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Kokoro Connect - surprisingly serious anime

When I first saw Kokoro Connect I expected it to be light-hearted high school comedy. Instead I got serious story mixed with comedy. I have always loved comedy+drama setup and this works just fine. In fact, Kokoro Connect manages to combine these elements in each episode. eufonius singing the opening helps as well, I suppose. Although, this has to be their least memorable song. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful song but not very memorable (at least for me). The ending song is perfect and it certainly raises the series in my eyes.
Beware of some spoilers for first four episodes below.
The first episode introduces us to characters and general setting of the series. The first ones to swap bodies are Aoki and Yui. At first nobody believes them and Aoki (Yui) even gets smacked by Inaba. Most of the episode is light-hearted comedy with few hints towards the show's true colors. One such hint is the fact that Iori Nagase didn't chose to be part of this club. I don't remember how the club is called but the thing is, in that school you must be part of at least one club and this club was created for people who have nowhere to go. Another hint is Iori's absent-minded mother, who (as we find out in episode 4) has been married 3 times and had two unofficial marriages as well. There's also a fact that Iori hides all fer feelings behind a fake smile. Speaking of Iori, episode 2 gives even more hints on her problems. I don't remember if other parts had any hints, but Iori (in Aoki's body) and Taichi's conversation says a lot about problems she's facing. Despite the talk she had with Taichi in episode 4, it's clear that she's still worried.
Others aren't without problems either. Yui was almost raped in middle school and now is facing androphobia. Taichi (in Yui's body) shows her how to deal with men. The result is hilarious because Taichi ends up with the pain he inflicted on his body with after swapping back with Yui. This seems to help her as Yui is able to touch Taichi without problems and looks visibly happier. This may not have healed her wounds completely but it's a huge step forward. Judging from preview episode 5 will have some Aoki & Yui action, so I'm looking forward to seeing how far she has gone. By the way, scared Taichi (or actually Yui) looked pretty cute. xD
Moving on, we have Inaba. Her case is probably least complex because it's mostly her over-thinking and over-dramatizing the whole body swapping. She has a point but she's being a bit too dramatic. Taichi once again enters the stage and helps her out (by telling that he masturbated using her body...). But he himself seems to have problems similar to Iori's - lack of personality. Inaba has already called him "selfless freak" and this might be his biggest problem. Hopefully Taichi's selfless will be explored as a problem. This would definitely separate him from all those generic harem guys.
Among their personal problems the group has mysterious Heartseed to deal with. He's using teacher's body to communicate and appears to be very strong. It's unclear if he's the only one pulling all the strings or if there are more people like him but one thing is clear - this is an experiment he is working on. He has been absent since episode 2 and will be making a comeback in episode 5. Seeing how dead Iori's eyes look when she jumps from bridge, I think he is responsible for that. I highly doubt Iori will die but she might get seriously hurt and Taichi probably won't be able to save her as (judging from preview) he is too far.

Well, that would be all for now. Depending on my free time I might post my impressions from episode 5 as well along with Tari Tari.


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