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First impressions: La storia della Arcana Famiglia

It's summer and it means more new anime! The first new anime I have tried is La storia della Arcana Famiglia. It's a new anime by J.C. Staff who will be doing Little Busters this autumn.
The story is about big mafia like family in which many people have special powers. During his birthday "Papa" (family's head) declares that everyone with special arcana powers will fight. The winner has his wish granted and gets to marry his only daughter Felicita. The girl in question isn't thrilled and neither are some members of the family. 
The animation was okay. At some parts even I could see some failed shots but it's nothing major. There already were some fight scenes which looked rather nice. As far as characters go, they aren't really interesting or unique. Liberta (the blonde guy) is more or less typical male protagonist and I'm almost 100% sure that he will end up with Felicita. That's too bad since I would prefer Nova (shorter, blue haired guy). He is far more interesting character than Liberta. I also took quite liking to Felicita's attendant Luca. He's quite funny guy and seems to her about our girl a lot. Can't say the same about Jolly (he seems to be good choice for antagonist and has already dropped a hint of later becoming one). But we shall see.
So, will I continue watching this? Unless it bores me to death, I will continue watching this. It's nothing spectacular but I'm hoping that it will get a bit better later. :)

On a side note, anyone else thinks that Jolly looks very similar to Enishi (from Hanasaku Iroha)? Twins separated at birth? :D


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Red Data Girl episode 2

I didn't expect 2nd episode to be streamed on NicoNico Douga, so I was surprised when I found out that 2nd episode is out. But that's fine. Less agony waiting for me. :3

First impressions - K

Disappointment of the season? At least for me.

[AMV] MikoTotsu - Thank You

It's been over two years since I made my last AMV. But I finished watching K: Return of Kings just few days ago and lately I've been listening to KOKIA songs, so this happened. I put it together in just one evening. :D I may or may not work on Anna centered AMV next. Also, I kinda feel urge to make MikoRei AMV with this song. We will see how things go.