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Fate/Zero ED2 - Kirei version!

While searching for Fate/Zero ED2, I found this interesting video. At first I though that it's either going to be Kirei & Kiritsugu (belive me, I saw one...) or Kirei & Gilgamesh. I was hoping for latter one but in the end got neither. Instead this video focusses on Kirei and his wife. Her name is unknown and in anime version she was only briefly mentioned in very first episode. So, information about her mostly comes from novel. Thus video and this post contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk.

So, in very first scene (after birds) we see younger Kirei emotionlessly looking through window. It pretty much mirrors Irisviel's look in ED2 video. Both these pictures illustrates their loneliness and lack of freedom. Then Kiritsugu & Irisviel are replaced with Risei and young emotionless Kirei. It shows how Risei was controlling everything in Kirei's life but failed at understing him. Afterwards instead of scene between Kiritsugu and Iri, there's one between Kirei and his wife. Interestingly, he looks concerned. That's quite  strange knowing him. Next - Kiritsugu  and Kirei holding their hurt wives. Both of them screaming. Again, this scene doesn't fit Kirei but I suppose it can be interpreted as his wife's death (since she commits suicide). Afterwards follows scenes with two happy couples. Although Kirei's expression looks the same as Kiritsugu's, Kotomine doesn't look nearly as happy as Emiya does. This is fitting since Kiritsugu's marriage was a happy one (despite the upcoming tragedy) compared to Kirei's. The latter one never felt anything for his wife and her feelings were one-sided. This can be seen at scene where Irisviel and Mrs. Kotomine are holding their newborn daughters - Ilya and Caren respectively. Both mothers are smiling happily while fathers have small hidden smiles. Actually, is it just me or Kotomine doesn't look nearly as happy as Emiya?
The next scene with crying Kiritsugu makes a lot of sense knowing that his happiness soon will be gone. As for Kirei, it's something that will never be. But my absolute favorite is next scene where Iri and Kiritsugu are walking while holding hands. It shows the strength of their love. In Kirei's version he's walking alone. When scene pans out Kirei looks older (probably 10 years later in F/SN) and Holy Grail can be seen in the background. While empty window symbolizes freedom Iri got (even though she's dead, she was able to spend some time outside Einzbern castle walls) I'm not sure what Kirei's version where his daughter Caren Ortensia can be seen. I only know some bits about her from Carnival Phantasm (I saw only few bits, not whole series) and Type-Moon wiki. Speaking of Caren, yesterday I found hentai doujinshi about Shirou & Caren. It got me thinking - forbidden love? After all, her father killed his whole family and was his adoptive father's most fearsome enemy. Eh, I know I should play Fate/hollow ataraxia. I'm hoping to play Fate/Stay Night this summer and if other VNs are translated, I will try grabbing them as well. ^^ Well, that's all for this post. :)


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