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Rodomi įrašai nuo Birželio, 2013


So, today I (with a help from a friend) attached Miyuki's head on her body - Obistu 50cm. The color difference is there but it's not that noticeable in photos. I followed MimiWoo's tutorial although in the end me and my friend didn't use one part of neck (the one in 5th step, next to pink arrow). Everything turned out fine, though. And Miyuki is very cute! ^^ Also, I want to say that I will be going on holiday since tomorrow (my exam session at university is over). I'm leaving to my hometown but my laptop and Sayuri will have to stay at home (I'm taking Miyuki and my dog with me, though). I don't know when I will get my laptop because it still needs to be fixed and summr is good time to do that. So, I will upload proper box opening and Miyuki's introduction when I get my laptop back.
HAppy summer, everyone. ^.~

Just ordinary day at university

-waiting for Latin exam part orally-Groupmate1: Remember how lecturer suggested throwing book at wall? How about we throw it through the window?Me: We are in 9th floor...Groupmate2: But imagine how fast it would go down!Me: Yeah, imagine person walking casually and then being hit by a book. Instant kill.Groupmate2: We should tie a rock to that book just to make sure it would really hit.Me: Or we could throw a brick.Groupmate1: *ruffles through her bag* Oh, I have matches! We could set the door on fire!Groupmate1: Or we could lock lecturer inside until he writes us the marks we want.Me: ....Me: We are evil....


My girl has finally arrived!!! And the box is HUGE!!! I literally started jumping and screaming when I got the call from courier that he's on his way to me with my package. And then I spent those few minutes until his arrival standing by door and looking through eyehole until I saw him climbing the stairs holding huge box. :D My friend encourages me to open the box, so we will be meeting on Saturday and opening it together. ^^

Second girl on her way!

Firstly, some background info: on November 28th of last year I have received my DDH-03 head and since then have been saving for her body. I have made some test photos by putting the had on Sayuri's body and now Miyuki's real body (Obitsu 50cm) is on its way to me. I can't wait till I get her! I even have some plans for her personality and dreams! So far in my head she's a rather shy girl who dreams to become idol! But in order to achieve her dream, she will have get over her shyness first and that's where Sayuri comes in. Now my Sayuri will be dependable big sister! ^.~