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Rodomi įrašai nuo Rugsėjo, 2012

Tari Tari

Good news: I have finished sorting out screenshots of Tari Tari. I still want to make few more, but the post should be up next week. I'm sorry that I'm so late with my final impressions. ^^; I haven't finished watching any other summer 2012 anime despite the fact that two (not counting Tari Tari) have ended. And then there are also Hyouka along with Kokoro Connect (still haven't watched newest episode). Tonight I'm going to watch Shin Sekai Yori. I will try making a short post with my first impressions tomorrow. :) By the way, I dropped Arcana Famiglia and Uta Koi sadly stays on-hold. :(

My love - Asleep Eidolon Blueberry

Well, I have been looking at Asleep Eidolon dolls for a while but now I'm even more sure that I want this girl. ❤ She's GORGEOUS!!! Although same can be said about other AE girls and boys as well. :) Actually, I think that Blueberry doesn't look that great in company photos compared to owner photos. Also, she seems like great poser! I found English AE dolls page but it seems that buyer must send them email to order. I don't have money for her right now, but I'm interested in seeing how much would the shipping cost. If anyone could help, it would be nice. I live in Lithuania. :)

P.S. this is official company photo of Blueberry.

Tari Tari ended :'(

Sadly this wonderful anime ended :( I really enjoyed watching Tari Tari (and making screenshots). I will write a full-length post with my final impressions as soon as I sort out the sreenshots I have. :) Just so you know, on MAL I gave this anime a 9. ^^ I will miss it :(

New neck & shank part

Sayuri: More presents?
Me: Sort of. ^^;

Presents for Sayuri, Rin & Kate!

This summer I participated in Dollieh Sanctuary Summer Swap and got paired up with Evelien! She sent many amazing presents for my girls! My package is worth less than one pair of Sayuri's new shoes. :( Anyway, not only me but my girls as well love all the presents they got! Just look at all those things!  Since I'm too lazy to post here everything, I will just link you to my post in Dollieh Sanctuary Summer Swap pictures thread. All the photos and descriptions are there. :)

Sayuri's new wig ^^

A bit over a week ago my Sayuri has received a new wig. It took me few days to get accustomed to it but now I really like how she looks. ^^ More photos available on :)

Kokoro Connect prank

Well, I have just heard about this and now I feel like a bridge was dropped on me. :'(  What I'm talking is this thing. To sum up:  producer Yamanaka Takahiro and three of KC voice actors planned a cruel joke on other, not really known seiyuu - Mitsuhiro Ichiki. He was invited to audition for anime original character. Later he appeared on live event and when it turned out that it's actually fake. You can find more info on MAL and ANN.
I really love KC and it hurts me to hear such things. Especially that Hisako Kanemoto (she plays Yui in KC) is involved. She also played Ika in Ika Musume. Ika is one of very best characters and I loved her degeso~. Why she had to do this?!!  ;_; You know that it means that her career is pretty much fucked up? I don't really know what happened with Aya Hirano but every time she appeared on news, she gets lots of hate. Lots of people are boycotting KC TV series and dropping this show altogether. I won't do this since I love KC's a…