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kitty's disappearance

The kitty has disappeared. At least this is what I was told. Apparently when grandma was taking out trash, the outside door to stairway were open and she forgot to close door to her flat. Then the kitty ran away. Grandma tried searching but found nothing. I would like to believe her but some details are screaming that the fact that she just left kitty somewhere. In short she was kicked out when I was at my great-grandma. Grandma doesn't admit when asked directly but when I told her that I'm angry at her for kicking out kitten, she said "It can't be helped now." And occasionally she would threaten to throw kitten outside. More reasons not to believe her. Me and my friend have tried searching and even asked grandma's pinscher for help but found nothing. I would love to believe that kitty has been taken in by someone else but for some reason I keep imagining the worst - that she's in fact dead. Looking at her photos or toys breaks my heart. Now I'm even more angry at my grandma. There are more things as well but that's a different topic.


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First impressions: Red Data Girl

P.A. Works brings a new anime! Just like with KyoAni, I nowadays I tend to watch any new anime from this studio. Also, character designs are done by Mel Kishida who is responsible for Hanasaku Iroha characters' designs and the opening song is done by Annabel (who also sang Another and Sankarea EDs). But how is anime itself?

Red Data Girl episode 2

I didn't expect 2nd episode to be streamed on NicoNico Douga, so I was surprised when I found out that 2nd episode is out. But that's fine. Less agony waiting for me. :3

First impressions: Tari Tari

Since I am a big fan of P.A. Works, this anime was on my "must watch" list. And it certainly didn't disappoint!