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Rodomi įrašai nuo Rugpjūčio, 2012

kitty's disappearance

The kitty has disappeared. At least this is what I was told. Apparently when grandma was taking out trash, the outside door to stairway were open and she forgot to close door to her flat. Then the kitty ran away. Grandma tried searching but found nothing. I would like to believe her but some details are screaming that the fact that she just left kitty somewhere. In short she was kicked out when I was at my great-grandma. Grandma doesn't admit when asked directly but when I told her that I'm angry at her for kicking out kitten, she said "It can't be helped now." And occasionally she would threaten to throw kitten outside. More reasons not to believe her. Me and my friend have tried searching and even asked grandma's pinscher for help but found nothing. I would love to believe that kitty has been taken in by someone else but for some reason I keep imagining the worst - that she's in fact dead. Looking at her photos or toys breaks my heart. Now I'm even…

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

Some of you might already heard about this, but I thought I would share anyways. Nendoroid version of Mirai Suenaga is up for preorder! Mirai Suenaga is Culture Japan's mascot character created by Danny Choo. Mirai is also the main heroine of Mirai Millennium (which is getting its own anime as well). Back to topic: Nendoroid Mirai comes with some awesome extras: Japanese flag, Nendoroid-sized Moekana card, doll-sized Moekana cards, Mirai's sidekick Retrokyu and a miniature itasha featuring Tasuku Iizuki's illustration of Mirai on the bonnet. Mirai also comes with 2 different faces! I really wish I could get her but my parents would rip my head for spending ~$40 on a figure. ;_; Mirai is available for preorder on these websites: Good Smile companyamiamiHobby SearchJ-listOtacuteHobbyLink JapanCDjapan Oh and you can see some other photos of Nendoroid Mirai on Mikitan's blog. So, don't miss your chance to get her! And if it's not too much to ask, please share some …

Out of boredom I have made account. You can anonymously ask questions on it. You don't need to have account to ask. So, I will be waiting for your questions. I can understand and reply fluently both in Lithuanian and English. For Russian, I understand and can reply to simple questions. Please keep in mind that for any other language I would need to use google translate.


Finally I have sold something! And that is this sexy underwear set. ^^ I'm so happy!

Even my kitten loves Tari Tari

New presents for Sayuri

As you remember Sayuri had problems with her internal skeleton. But now she's feeling better. Yesterday her parts have arrived and now Sayuri can sit by herself. Standing is a bit difficult for her. This month I will be ordering her a new neck and will start changing her legs from ball-jointed to double-jointed to make her stand and hols posses better. Well, that's all for now.

New Ausra's clothes for sale!

My friend Ausra has sewn some really beautiful clothes for sale. So, I thought someone might be interested. ^^ I have lots of her sewn clothes and love them very much. Just recently I have received more clothes from her and I couldn't be happier. Ausra is amazing seamstress. :)
Available on and her blog.

Update (August 18th): all her sweaters now cost $10 instead of $13. Prices were dropped for all her sewn clothes, so for anyone who wants, it's your chance to get wonderful clothes a bit cheaper. ^.~

Kokoro Connect - surprisingly serious anime

When I first saw Kokoro Connect I expected it to be light-hearted high school comedy. Instead I got serious story mixed with comedy. I have always loved comedy+drama setup and this works just fine. In fact, Kokoro Connect manages to combine these elements in each episode. eufonius singing the opening helps as well, I suppose. Although, this has to be their least memorable song. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful song but not very memorable (at least for me). The ending song is perfect and it certainly raises the series in my eyes.
Beware of some spoilers for first four episodes below.

Some anime news

Autumn isn't that far away and with it more anime will be coming. So, let's take a look at trailers of anime I'm looking forward to.

Thanks for 1000+ visits!

Thanks a lot to everyone who finds time to visit this blog. It means a lot to me. ^^ More posts will be coming shortly. So, thanks again and hopefully you will continue reading this blog. :)