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Rodomi įrašai nuo Liepos, 2012


Today university entrance results came and I got accepted at university I wanted! I'm going to study English philology and German language. ^^  I'm so excited!

By the way, here are my exam results:
Lithuanian - 93%
English - 94%
Math - 8% (it appears I can't think mathematically :D )
History - 93%

During my first year at university I will be having Latin language lessons which is kind of cool. ^^

Some news

I know I haven't been very active lately. That's because my family has a new TV. And it's not just a normal TV but a smart TV! So, I spend most of my time on YouTube TV version. Also, I accidentally came across Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night) demo with English subtitles. And of course, I ended up reading it. ^^  Now I can't wait for complete version. That would be all for now.

Sayuri as a school girl!

Because I'm lazy, please go to for full story. ^^

Today Sayuri has received new clothes. And it's a school uniform! Of course, she's very happy. Also, I have ordered her new parts for her internal skeleton. The parts probably will arrive only next month but at least she will be bale to heal. Not completely, though. I still need to get her a new neck. It's rather cheap so I will be buying 1/6 Obitsu stand as well. ^^

Sayuri's new face up + some problems..

So after a long wait, here are the photos of Sayuri's new face-up done by Evelien! Also, while Sayuri's head was being face-upped I received new eyes for her. I have tried only one of them and really liked how it looks and thus now Sayuri has heterochromia. I think it suits her. ^^

First impressions: Uta Koi

So, let's countinue my first impressions of 2012 summer. Here we have Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi or Uta Koi for short. This time we get thrown back in time to Japan's Heian period (794-1185).

url changed

Remember how I said that I will change this blog's url? Well, I just changed it. The blog is inaccessible by old url, but I have pasted new one in all websites/forums I have accounts on. Hopefully, I did the right thing. :)

First impressions: Tari Tari

Since I am a big fan of P.A. Works, this anime was on my "must watch" list. And it certainly didn't disappoint!

First impressions: La storia della Arcana Famiglia

It's summer and it means more new anime! The first new anime I have tried is La storia della Arcana Famiglia. It's a new anime by J.C. Staff who will be doing Little Busters this autumn.

New Sailor Moon anime

Today when checking MAL, I saw unbelievable news: Sailor Moon is getting new anime! I'm super excited! The new series will start in summer of 2013 (so there's still the whole year...). Then I thought what if Volks decides to make Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream? There's no way to know until next summer or perhaps even later (since we have just learnt about The iDOLM@STER Dollfie Dreams) but I think I need to start saving money now. Oh, and imagine seeing Sailor Moon in 1080p! And those awesome figures: figma, nendriod & etc! And various posters from magazines! YESSSS!!!! I'm more than happy. :D