2016 m. birželio 30 d., ketvirtadienis

I have graduated!!!

I defended my Bachelor Thesis on 6th of June and I received 9 (out of 10) for it. And then on 21st I received my diploma! I would like to study for Master's degree but at the moment that is not possible, so I began my quest to find a job. Hopefully I will be able to study further next year!

2016 m. gegužės 15 d., sekmadienis

Eurovision 2016

This was a good year for us in Eurovision. Lithuania won 9th place!!! This is the second highest place we have ever achieved (the highest place was 6th back in 2006; the year when Lordi won the Eurovision). Also, just for a few seconds (during the voting) we were 3rd! This is because this year jury voting and tele voting are separate which results in more points and higher places for less popular countries like us.~
Fun fact - this is the second time Donny Montell goes to Eurovision. He also represented us back in 2012. I really liked Lithuania's song this year and I'm very proud of Donny!

2016 m. balandžio 9 d., šeštadienis

Durarara!! (novel) vol. 1 has arrived!

The anime adaptation of Durarara!! has recently ended and since I'm still interested in Durarara!! and it's characters, I decided to buy the novel! I have wanted to read for a while but never really got around to do it. Just a few months ago the novels were licensed in English, so I decided to buy the novels instead of looking for fan translations. I didn't have a chance to start reading it yet, though. I'm actually busy with my Bachelor's thesis since I'm graduating in a few months. 
By the way, this is my third light novel in total! I also own two The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya novels but it's been ages since I have read any of them (or any book for that matter). 
I bought my book from Book Depository and I totally recommend that website because not only it has a lot of manga and light novels but it also offers a free worldwide shipping!
For those who are unfamiliar with Durarara!! anime or novels, the back of the book gives such summary: The Ikebukuro district in Tokyo is full of interesting people. A boy longing for the extraordinary. A hotheaded punk. An airheaded pseudo stalker. An information broker who works for kicks. An underground doctor who specializes in truly desperate patients. A high school student infatuated with a monster. And a headless rider on a pitch-black motorcycle. Their story may not be a heartwarming one, but as it turns out, even weirdos like these sometimes fall in love.

2016 m. sausio 6 d., trečiadienis

[AMV] MikoTotsu - Thank You

It's been over two years since I made my last AMV. But I finished watching K: Return of Kings just few days ago and lately I've been listening to KOKIA songs, so this happened. I put it together in just one evening. :D I may or may not work on Anna centered AMV next. Also, I kinda feel urge to make MikoRei AMV with this song. We will see how things go.

2015 m. spalio 31 d., šeštadienis


My BJDs celebrating Halloween. :)

Hikaru brought this lovely pumpkin, so the girls had fun deciding on the design and then carving it. Of course, nothing ever goes completely as planned - Dami was about to carve the pumpkin on the spot but Saber took away the knife. :D And then the majority of carving and dealing with the inside of the pumpkin was done by Saber and Miyuki. :) Sayuri is not in the photo because she is visiting her ill mother. (a.k.a I still haven't replaced her broken arm...)
Don't forget to click on photo to enlarge it!

2015 m. liepos 21 d., antradienis


Last year I lost two of my pets - a cat and a dog who lived with my great-grandma. Today one more pet has left me - grandma's dog Dona. She was 12 years old, adopted just 5 years ago. 

Rest in peace, my dear Dona.

2015 m. gegužės 24 d., sekmadienis

Eurovision 2015

I really enjoyed Lithuania's song this year and it saddens me that we ended only at 18th place. To me Monika and Vaidas are the real winners! I can't stop listening to Lithuania and Sweden songs.

2015 m. kovo 24 d., antradienis

Saber's body - GET!!!

Today I was finally able to buy a body needed for my Dollfie Dream Saber Alter v2 head. I really wanted DDIII body with L bust for her (mainly since I have some clothes that are too wide for Sayuri around her chest) but Volks no longer have assembled basic body available in white skin, so my only option was to buy it in parts. But sadly some parts were out of stock for a while (namely thighs, internal part and waist) but at some points one would part would appear and then disappear again. Finally today all parts (except internal one) were in stock, so I took this opportunity and bought everything. Since she's my very first DD (Miyuki has Obitsu body) I had no optional hands for her. I planned to get only basic and loosely fisted hands but mom convinced me to get victory/peace hands too. Plus I got two pairs of eyes for her. I will be getting internal frame either today or tomorrow from CoolCat since Volks had no internal frames of any color available. 
The whole process was incredibly stressful, especially when I was waiting the whole hour for money from my account to transfer to dad's account linked with paypal.  And then checking ten times if I really got my order right.
Anyway, I can't wait for my dream girl to be finally complete. ^^