2014 m. gruodžio 25 d., ketvirtadienis

2014 m. lapkričio 25 d., antradienis

My dream girl Saber Alter is here~ (head only)

On 20th of November I have finally received my Saber Alter v2 head. The head itself arrived very quickly! Alter has been my dream girl for a long time, so I'm really happy to finally get her. I was impatient to take photos, so sorry for bad lightning and low quality of the photos.

2014 m. birželio 11 d., trečiadienis


All five BJDs together. 

Hikaru - Illusion Spirit Baitu (Librarian ver.) (second-hand, bought from my friend)
Sayuri - Obitsu 60cm Haruka
Miyuki - Obitsu 50cm body + DDH-03 head
Dami - Elfdoll Lovely Doll Dami + Parabox 40cm body
Amy - Iplehouse J.I.D. Amy (new, arrived on May21st)

Trouble with kids

My BJD family has recently increased to 5. I really should post here more often... Anyway, since now I have five BJDs, I can make photo stories! Here's something I did the other day. click on photo to view bigger size.

2014 m. gegužės 9 d., penktadienis


Lithuania didn't make it to the Eurovision final. Neither did Latvia or Estonia. No Baltic countries in the final this year. I'm kinda sad even though I wasn't really fond of Vilija Matačiūnaitė and her "Attention". I will still watch the final, though.

2014 m. kovo 10 d., pirmadienis

The Majokko Shop: Murasaki.me T-shirt Giveaway!

The Majokko Shop: Murasaki.me T-shirt Giveaway!:

I haven't really been following BJd and DD news lately but somehow I managed to come across this giveaway. I know my luck is low in these kind of things but it doesn't hurt to try, I guess. Especially because the shirt looks cute and my girls (especially Miyuki) need more clothes. Besides, I admire Kuraikawai a lot. So yeah, I will keep my fingers crossed.

2014 m. sausio 25 d., šeštadienis

Safe & Sound in Riga

I have safely arrived at my dormitory in Riga. From my window I can see the television tower. 
The girl who came to pick me up at bus station was very nice and friendly. My roommate isn't here yet and that is good because I'm not feeling well (probably because of stress).
In my room I have internet connection and found unprotected wi-fi, so I can use my phone, too. However, there's only one internet cable which means that if it wasn't for that unprotected wi-fi, only one person could use internet at the time. 
It turns out that I live near Lido. I've been there with excursion once back in 2009 or even 2008. And the moment I realized where am I, I felt like in heaven. If I manage to find my way there alone, I won't starve for sure. My VISA card is accepted, so I can save cash for places where it will be needed for sure.

2014 m. sausio 24 d., penktadienis

Update on my life

You all probably have noticed that I spend almost all of my free time on tumblr now instead of working on this blog. I'm sorry for that but I think I may be kind of addicted to tumblr. xD Also, I'm watching 12 currently airing anime. I'm 9 episodes behind Tokyo Ravens because I started watching it just recently (thought it was already finished 12 ep. anime and now I don't really want to drop it).
And the biggest news - I'm leaving to Riga (capital of Latvia) tomorrow morning for my ERASMUS studies. I will spend four months there (final return home - 31st of May). Depending on my schedule and my laziness, I will try to post my impressions of studying at University of Latvia and life in Riga in general. I feel nervous but the girl who is supposed to pick me up sounds rather friendly, so I hope we will get along. Apparently she has studied at German during her ERASMUS studies and I'm learning German language, too! Well, wish me luck. ^^

2013 m. lapkričio 19 d., antradienis

Dami is finally at home ^^

I have received her body in the evening, so for today I only have few not really good quality photos (most of them are box opening). I will take better photos tomorrow.
Anyway, putting Elfdoll head on Obitsu body may not have been my smartest decision. Some parts of neck didn't fit and then I spent few hours putting eye putty around the neckpiece. It worked. However, the neck could be smaller and thinner for my tastes. And then there's also color difference. I suppose it doesn't show after putting on clothes and I'm grateful for that. Another big problem is clothes. Dami is 40cm while Miyuki is 50cm and Sayuri is 60cm. I have problem finding right clothes for Miyuki (at least I know what style fits her!) but at least she is able to share some with her older sister. However I have absolutely nothing for MSD/MDD girls. For now she's wearing dress sewn for Miyuki by Ausra and a skirt sewn for Sayuri (nowadays usually worn by Miyuki) by my mom. The skirt is a bit too big - I mean the waist part is okay but it's a bit too long and overall feels a bit weird on her. Still, better than naked, right? For now I don't even know what kind of style would suit her... Also, she's supposed to be the youngest sister in the family (not counting the little troublemaker Rin who most definitely will make come down to check "new giant" xD) but all three of them look so different. xD
Okay, all in all, Dami is cute and I can't wait to start making new photoshoots. ^^

2013 m. lapkričio 16 d., šeštadienis

Third girl on her way~

I know I'm lazy asshole and I am terribly sorry for that. But I have some good news - my third BJD girl is almost here! My mom bought Elfdoll Dami head this summer and now we bought Obitsu 40cm body for her. I must admit that I'm a little bit afraid that skin tones won't match or that I won't be able to put the head on body. But I hope everything works out fine.