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Rodomi įrašai nuo Birželio, 2012

After Nyaa! Cosplay ^^

Today I went to Nyaa! Cosplay in Utena and had lots of fun with my two friends. It was wonderful day but went by so fast... It's okay, though. Next time we will meet we will have more time. ^^ Photos are coming tomorrow. Good night now.

[AMV] Fate/Zero - Kariya's Insanity

I can't believe it's been more than a year since I edited! But I'm back with new short AMV. I must warn you that it has violence and major spoilers for Fate/Zero. 

Photos from Palanga

I finally uploaded some photos from Palanga. Click on picture in order view my album :) Below I posted some photos with Alexis. Click on pictures to view them in full size :)

Pokemon White: 3rd badge - get!

Since it's holiday, I spent a good part of yesterday playing Pokemon White. I did a bit of training, met with Team Plasma, Cheren and got my 3rd badge! My Pidove evolved into Tranquill! And right now she's my most prized pokemon. ^^ Today I didn't have much time to play, so I only did a bit of training. Since I haven't touched this game since February I had forgotten how awesome the graphics are. When I was crossingthe bridge it was shown in many different perspectives. Can you imagine how cool is that? And here I thought that S.S. Aqua and Magnet Train looked amazing in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Also, Castelia city is huge! Of course each region has its own big cities but Castelia is something else. It has unique layout and few streets, all of which lead to city's centre. Right now I'm in Route 4 training for my upcoming 4th Gym battle. That one will be tough since next gym is electric type. My Tympole knows mud shot but it's not a dual type pokemon lik…

Exams are over - summer starts!

Although it is hard to believe, it really is over. Today I had my last exam - History. The exam wasn't as hard as I feared, so I'm hoping for the best. I know for sure that I won't get 100% as I made some mistakes but still I feel rather optimistic. ^^ Now that it's over I'm free to do whatever I feel like doing. So, I have picked up a lot of new anime to watch during summer. I might write here short first impressions. Also, I'm back to playing Pokemon White. I haven't played it since February!

Math exam: it's over...

Yeah, it's over... The exam was horrible... I really didn't expect so many exercises with geometry. I'm a total failure when it comes to geometry... And thus this Konata's face looks pretty much like mine after the exam. I don't even want to hear word "Math" ever again... Yeah, it didn't go well. I hope I will pass it... On the other hand, now I only need to prepare for history exam. Just one more week... Well, that's it for now.


I know that lately I haven't been very active but it's because I have my exams. Tomorrow I have Maths exam and next Wednesday there's History exam. On the brighter side, I have already went through two exams. Just two more exams and I will be free! Yay! But just like Konata (picture on the left) I can't concentrate on studying... So, please wish me luck!
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿After exams I'm hoping to marathon some anime I couldn't. And that's when real summer will begin!!!

Fate/Zero ED2 - Kirei version!

While searching for Fate/Zero ED2, I found this interesting video. At first I though that it's either going to be Kirei & Kiritsugu (belive me, I saw one...) or Kirei & Gilgamesh. I was hoping for latter one but in the end got neither. Instead this video focusses on Kirei and his wife. Her name is unknown and in anime version she was only briefly mentioned in very first episode. So, information about her mostly comes from novel. Thus video and this post contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk.