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Rodomi įrašai nuo Lapkričio, 2013

Dami is finally at home ^^

I have received her body in the evening, so for today I only have few not really good quality photos (most of them are box opening). I will take better photos tomorrow. Anyway, putting Elfdoll head on Obitsu body may not have been my smartest decision. Some parts of neck didn't fit and then I spent few hours putting eye putty around the neckpiece. It worked. However, the neck could be smaller and thinner for my tastes. And then there's also color difference. I suppose it doesn't show after putting on clothes and I'm grateful for that. Another big problem is clothes. Dami is 40cm while Miyuki is 50cm and Sayuri is 60cm. I have problem finding right clothes for Miyuki (at least I know what style fits her!) but at least she is able to share some with her older sister. However I have absolutely nothing for MSD/MDD girls. For now she's wearing dress sewn for Miyuki by Ausra and a skirt sewn for Sayuri (nowadays usually worn by Miyuki) by my mom. The skirt is a bit too …

Third girl on her way~

I know I'm lazy asshole and I am terribly sorry for that. But I have some good news - my third BJD girl is almost here! My mom bought Elfdoll Dami head this summer and now we bought Obitsu 40cm body for her. I must admit that I'm a little bit afraid that skin tones won't match or that I won't be able to put the head on body. But I hope everything works out fine.