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Rodomi įrašai nuo Gegužės, 2013

22th place...

It turns out Lithuania fucked up relationships with neighbours and emigrants really hard. UK, Latvia, Spain and German (and probably others, too) didn't give us any points and Georgia gave us only 1 point (compared to last year's 12). But 22nd place isn't the last or second last place, so that's the bright side.


I just finished watching 1st semi-final of Eurovisoon and I'm really happy that our Andrius Pojavis and his song "Something" made to the finals. I know that people who made to the final are called randomly but being called 2nd kind of makes me feel good. Now I can only hope that he won't be at the bottom (last year Donny Montell was 14th! ^^). So, yeah, I will keep my fingers crossed.

[AMV] Dunya & Isaac - Lullaby

It's been a quite a long time (almost a year) since I made my last AMV. And so, I made AMV dedicated to Dunya & Isaac from Magi: Last Labyrinth. I'm actually quite fond of this video. ^^  WARNING: voilence and major spoilers for Magi episodes 23-25