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Rodomi įrašai nuo Lapkričio, 2012


Winter came back today. xD This is photo taken during my last lecture today. Also, I'm trying out writing directly from my phone. :)

Two new arrivals

Today I finally have bought  Liv It's My Nature Daniela. She was 40% off so I just couldn't pass. And then I found out that my DDh-03 head has arrived. I wasn't hoping to get her until a week before Christmas! So, I hadn't thought of a name yet. Also, I wanted to get Daniela out of box today but was too busy, so I probably won't do that until next weekend as I'm leaving to meet my friends this friday and will be returning on sunday. Sorry for bad quality photos but artificial lighting is all I had. ^^;

New head - DDH-03

So, I finally bought DDH-03 (available at Volks Japan & Volks USA) with face-up. She will come to me without wig or eyes but I already have two wigs here and a pair of eyes on the way. Also, for now she will be sharing body with Sayuri until I manage to save up for her Obitsu 50cm body. She is modded to fit Obitsu body and I have wanted Yukino since I got in this hobby, so this combination is perfect for me. ^^