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Rodomi įrašai nuo Gegužės, 2012

Flickr app on!

Finally I have managed to add flickr app to my blog. It shows my most recent uploads. This month I have exceeded limit and can't upload any more photos. ^^" But please feel free to take a look at my older photos. This app will save some time for I no longer will need to share each photo on blog. Convenient, isn't it? ^^
Also, I have added list of books I'm currently reading. Right now there's only one on the list, though. :D

Eurovision 2012

And so it ended. It's rather sad that we ended in 14th place. I was really hoping for 10th-12th place. But still this was far better than last year's result (we were one of the last) and 2010 when we didn't even make it to the finals (InCulto was a bad choice, anyway). So, I'm happy that Donny Montell aquired us this 14th place. Also, Sweden won like it was predicted. They totally deserved this victory. :)

Fate/Zero OP & ED

I'm totally in love with Fate/Zero and its opening & ending themes. I can't stop listening to them. <3

Some stuff

I updated the list of websites and forums I have accounts on. Maybe I shouldn't have included forums I never was active on or no longer use but in that case it wouldn't be a full list. Some websites and forums are missing from the list but these were used mainly for testing. My Lithuanian forums are no longer active and I can't even log in forums. >.>

Also, today I tried taking photos of Sayuri (my Obitsu girl) in school but teachers and students kept intruding me. And I slipped this morning. The result is bruised leg, which hurts, and hole in my favorite jeans. How nice. >.>

Oh and I have English exam tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.

New Pokemon B&W game

this post was written under assumption that this is promo for new B&W anime series
I was very sceptic about this until I saw this awesome promo. So, excuse me but I can't help but scream "NO MORE ASH!!! HE'S FINALLY GONE!!!! N!!! WHERE DID YOU LOSE FEMALE???" Yep, Ash is gone for good. Instead we get two boys. I kinda wish they used boy+girl but this works as well, I suppose. And is it me or did Bianca become professor? My dear clumsy Bianca is professor? COOL! And I believe I saw Cheren as well. But the best part is animated N. I haven't played through first Black & White games but I strongly ship him with Hilda/Touko. Besides, N is cool. He's quite different from all the other rivals.  So, I suppose this means I will take a look at B&W anime end to say goodbye to Ashy-boy. I don't hate him but he stayed way too long. I wish he wasn&…


Sayuri, a photo by PerlaNemesis on Flickr. I'm trying out sharing from flickr. For some reason blogger app on flickr wouldn't work. :/ So, I will have to do this this way. Anyway, the photo is of my very first BJD - 60cm Obitsu. Her anme is Sayuri. All her clothes were sewn by my awesome friend Ausra. ^^

4 Sabers

Seeing photos of all four Sabers, I get reminded that I want one so badly! Saber isn't my favorite character but her Dollfie Dream version is just too hard to resist. :(  If only I had enough money for these beauties...


Currently I'm having a bit fun with my blog. ;D I'm trying out a completely different template and so far I like it. :D
Edit: Okay, so it's impossible to make a header picture while using this design. Well, that really sucks. Also, I have created a few pages to make this blog more organized but can't figure out how to link some of my posts to these new pages. o.o"

Edit2:  May 17th, 2012 I'm switching designs. I had fun using this design but it's more suitable for people who write lengthy posts. I don't have patience to do that so I'm switching to more common style.


For some reason I feel like adding fufufu~ at the end of every sentence. :D No idea why. Remon-senpai sure left huge impact on me. ^^; Anyways, she's great character. I really miss her pranks. :(

Kyuubey's song

If you ever saw "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" anime (or at least heard of it), then you certainly remember one little creature who loves making contracts with little girls.  So, let's listen to parody song about our dear Incubator. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ WARNING: spoilers ahead!

Little Busters! anime!

I'm sure you have heard about this already - famous Key visual novel is getting anime adaptation by J.C. Staff. So, let's look at what we have now - announcement of this anime.