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Rodomi įrašai nuo 2012


I have added some links to the sidebar: tumblr (there I'm currently doing 30 days anime and BJD challenges), Sayuri's Facebook and Google+ (which I use rarely). Feel free to add me. :)
And don't worry, tumblr won't replace this blog. It's just that I'm lazy person and obsess with one thing at time. ^^' On other news: I can't seem to find where I put all my screenshots....

Apple coffee

This is how my coffee looked today. :D Cool, isn't it? And I didn't do anything to it. In fact I felt bad when I had to ruin this image and drink it.

While travelling to Utena

These photos were taken on bus while I was on my way to meet my friends. :)


Winter came back today. xD This is photo taken during my last lecture today. Also, I'm trying out writing directly from my phone. :)

Two new arrivals

Today I finally have bought  Liv It's My Nature Daniela. She was 40% off so I just couldn't pass. And then I found out that my DDh-03 head has arrived. I wasn't hoping to get her until a week before Christmas! So, I hadn't thought of a name yet. Also, I wanted to get Daniela out of box today but was too busy, so I probably won't do that until next weekend as I'm leaving to meet my friends this friday and will be returning on sunday. Sorry for bad quality photos but artificial lighting is all I had. ^^;

New head - DDH-03

So, I finally bought DDH-03 (available at Volks Japan & Volks USA) with face-up. She will come to me without wig or eyes but I already have two wigs here and a pair of eyes on the way. Also, for now she will be sharing body with Sayuri until I manage to save up for her Obitsu 50cm body. She is modded to fit Obitsu body and I have wanted Yukino since I got in this hobby, so this combination is perfect for me. ^^

First impressions - K

Disappointment of the season? At least for me.

First impressions: Shin Sekai Yori

So, I just saw first episode of Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) and was completely blown away! But let's start from the beginning.

Tari Tari

Good news: I have finished sorting out screenshots of Tari Tari. I still want to make few more, but the post should be up next week. I'm sorry that I'm so late with my final impressions. ^^; I haven't finished watching any other summer 2012 anime despite the fact that two (not counting Tari Tari) have ended. And then there are also Hyouka along with Kokoro Connect (still haven't watched newest episode). Tonight I'm going to watch Shin Sekai Yori. I will try making a short post with my first impressions tomorrow. :) By the way, I dropped Arcana Famiglia and Uta Koi sadly stays on-hold. :(

My love - Asleep Eidolon Blueberry

Well, I have been looking at Asleep Eidolon dolls for a while but now I'm even more sure that I want this girl. ❤ She's GORGEOUS!!! Although same can be said about other AE girls and boys as well. :) Actually, I think that Blueberry doesn't look that great in company photos compared to owner photos. Also, she seems like great poser! I found English AE dolls page but it seems that buyer must send them email to order. I don't have money for her right now, but I'm interested in seeing how much would the shipping cost. If anyone could help, it would be nice. I live in Lithuania. :)

P.S. this is official company photo of Blueberry.

Tari Tari ended :'(

Sadly this wonderful anime ended :( I really enjoyed watching Tari Tari (and making screenshots). I will write a full-length post with my final impressions as soon as I sort out the sreenshots I have. :) Just so you know, on MAL I gave this anime a 9. ^^ I will miss it :(

New neck & shank part

Sayuri: More presents?
Me: Sort of. ^^;

Presents for Sayuri, Rin & Kate!

This summer I participated in Dollieh Sanctuary Summer Swap and got paired up with Evelien! She sent many amazing presents for my girls! My package is worth less than one pair of Sayuri's new shoes. :( Anyway, not only me but my girls as well love all the presents they got! Just look at all those things!  Since I'm too lazy to post here everything, I will just link you to my post in Dollieh Sanctuary Summer Swap pictures thread. All the photos and descriptions are there. :)

Sayuri's new wig ^^

A bit over a week ago my Sayuri has received a new wig. It took me few days to get accustomed to it but now I really like how she looks. ^^ More photos available on :)

Kokoro Connect prank

Well, I have just heard about this and now I feel like a bridge was dropped on me. :'(  What I'm talking is this thing. To sum up:  producer Yamanaka Takahiro and three of KC voice actors planned a cruel joke on other, not really known seiyuu - Mitsuhiro Ichiki. He was invited to audition for anime original character. Later he appeared on live event and when it turned out that it's actually fake. You can find more info on MAL and ANN.
I really love KC and it hurts me to hear such things. Especially that Hisako Kanemoto (she plays Yui in KC) is involved. She also played Ika in Ika Musume. Ika is one of very best characters and I loved her degeso~. Why she had to do this?!!  ;_; You know that it means that her career is pretty much fucked up? I don't really know what happened with Aya Hirano but every time she appeared on news, she gets lots of hate. Lots of people are boycotting KC TV series and dropping this show altogether. I won't do this since I love KC's a…

kitty's disappearance

The kitty has disappeared. At least this is what I was told. Apparently when grandma was taking out trash, the outside door to stairway were open and she forgot to close door to her flat. Then the kitty ran away. Grandma tried searching but found nothing. I would like to believe her but some details are screaming that the fact that she just left kitty somewhere. In short she was kicked out when I was at my great-grandma. Grandma doesn't admit when asked directly but when I told her that I'm angry at her for kicking out kitten, she said "It can't be helped now." And occasionally she would threaten to throw kitten outside. More reasons not to believe her. Me and my friend have tried searching and even asked grandma's pinscher for help but found nothing. I would love to believe that kitty has been taken in by someone else but for some reason I keep imagining the worst - that she's in fact dead. Looking at her photos or toys breaks my heart. Now I'm even…

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

Some of you might already heard about this, but I thought I would share anyways. Nendoroid version of Mirai Suenaga is up for preorder! Mirai Suenaga is Culture Japan's mascot character created by Danny Choo. Mirai is also the main heroine of Mirai Millennium (which is getting its own anime as well). Back to topic: Nendoroid Mirai comes with some awesome extras: Japanese flag, Nendoroid-sized Moekana card, doll-sized Moekana cards, Mirai's sidekick Retrokyu and a miniature itasha featuring Tasuku Iizuki's illustration of Mirai on the bonnet. Mirai also comes with 2 different faces! I really wish I could get her but my parents would rip my head for spending ~$40 on a figure. ;_; Mirai is available for preorder on these websites: Good Smile companyamiamiHobby SearchJ-listOtacuteHobbyLink JapanCDjapan Oh and you can see some other photos of Nendoroid Mirai on Mikitan's blog. So, don't miss your chance to get her! And if it's not too much to ask, please share some …

Out of boredom I have made account. You can anonymously ask questions on it. You don't need to have account to ask. So, I will be waiting for your questions. I can understand and reply fluently both in Lithuanian and English. For Russian, I understand and can reply to simple questions. Please keep in mind that for any other language I would need to use google translate.


Finally I have sold something! And that is this sexy underwear set. ^^ I'm so happy!

Even my kitten loves Tari Tari

New presents for Sayuri

As you remember Sayuri had problems with her internal skeleton. But now she's feeling better. Yesterday her parts have arrived and now Sayuri can sit by herself. Standing is a bit difficult for her. This month I will be ordering her a new neck and will start changing her legs from ball-jointed to double-jointed to make her stand and hols posses better. Well, that's all for now.

New Ausra's clothes for sale!

My friend Ausra has sewn some really beautiful clothes for sale. So, I thought someone might be interested. ^^ I have lots of her sewn clothes and love them very much. Just recently I have received more clothes from her and I couldn't be happier. Ausra is amazing seamstress. :)
Available on and her blog.

Update (August 18th): all her sweaters now cost $10 instead of $13. Prices were dropped for all her sewn clothes, so for anyone who wants, it's your chance to get wonderful clothes a bit cheaper. ^.~

Kokoro Connect - surprisingly serious anime

When I first saw Kokoro Connect I expected it to be light-hearted high school comedy. Instead I got serious story mixed with comedy. I have always loved comedy+drama setup and this works just fine. In fact, Kokoro Connect manages to combine these elements in each episode. eufonius singing the opening helps as well, I suppose. Although, this has to be their least memorable song. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful song but not very memorable (at least for me). The ending song is perfect and it certainly raises the series in my eyes.
Beware of some spoilers for first four episodes below.

Some anime news

Autumn isn't that far away and with it more anime will be coming. So, let's take a look at trailers of anime I'm looking forward to.

Thanks for 1000+ visits!

Thanks a lot to everyone who finds time to visit this blog. It means a lot to me. ^^ More posts will be coming shortly. So, thanks again and hopefully you will continue reading this blog. :)


Today university entrance results came and I got accepted at university I wanted! I'm going to study English philology and German language. ^^  I'm so excited!

By the way, here are my exam results:
Lithuanian - 93%
English - 94%
Math - 8% (it appears I can't think mathematically :D )
History - 93%

During my first year at university I will be having Latin language lessons which is kind of cool. ^^

Some news

I know I haven't been very active lately. That's because my family has a new TV. And it's not just a normal TV but a smart TV! So, I spend most of my time on YouTube TV version. Also, I accidentally came across Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night) demo with English subtitles. And of course, I ended up reading it. ^^  Now I can't wait for complete version. That would be all for now.

Sayuri as a school girl!

Because I'm lazy, please go to for full story. ^^

Today Sayuri has received new clothes. And it's a school uniform! Of course, she's very happy. Also, I have ordered her new parts for her internal skeleton. The parts probably will arrive only next month but at least she will be bale to heal. Not completely, though. I still need to get her a new neck. It's rather cheap so I will be buying 1/6 Obitsu stand as well. ^^

Sayuri's new face up + some problems..

So after a long wait, here are the photos of Sayuri's new face-up done by Evelien! Also, while Sayuri's head was being face-upped I received new eyes for her. I have tried only one of them and really liked how it looks and thus now Sayuri has heterochromia. I think it suits her. ^^

First impressions: Uta Koi

So, let's countinue my first impressions of 2012 summer. Here we have Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi or Uta Koi for short. This time we get thrown back in time to Japan's Heian period (794-1185).

url changed

Remember how I said that I will change this blog's url? Well, I just changed it. The blog is inaccessible by old url, but I have pasted new one in all websites/forums I have accounts on. Hopefully, I did the right thing. :)

First impressions: Tari Tari

Since I am a big fan of P.A. Works, this anime was on my "must watch" list. And it certainly didn't disappoint!

First impressions: La storia della Arcana Famiglia

It's summer and it means more new anime! The first new anime I have tried is La storia della Arcana Famiglia. It's a new anime by J.C. Staff who will be doing Little Busters this autumn.

New Sailor Moon anime

Today when checking MAL, I saw unbelievable news: Sailor Moon is getting new anime! I'm super excited! The new series will start in summer of 2013 (so there's still the whole year...). Then I thought what if Volks decides to make Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream? There's no way to know until next summer or perhaps even later (since we have just learnt about The iDOLM@STER Dollfie Dreams) but I think I need to start saving money now. Oh, and imagine seeing Sailor Moon in 1080p! And those awesome figures: figma, nendriod & etc! And various posters from magazines! YESSSS!!!! I'm more than happy. :D

After Nyaa! Cosplay ^^

Today I went to Nyaa! Cosplay in Utena and had lots of fun with my two friends. It was wonderful day but went by so fast... It's okay, though. Next time we will meet we will have more time. ^^ Photos are coming tomorrow. Good night now.

[AMV] Fate/Zero - Kariya's Insanity

I can't believe it's been more than a year since I edited! But I'm back with new short AMV. I must warn you that it has violence and major spoilers for Fate/Zero. 

Photos from Palanga

I finally uploaded some photos from Palanga. Click on picture in order view my album :) Below I posted some photos with Alexis. Click on pictures to view them in full size :)

Pokemon White: 3rd badge - get!

Since it's holiday, I spent a good part of yesterday playing Pokemon White. I did a bit of training, met with Team Plasma, Cheren and got my 3rd badge! My Pidove evolved into Tranquill! And right now she's my most prized pokemon. ^^ Today I didn't have much time to play, so I only did a bit of training. Since I haven't touched this game since February I had forgotten how awesome the graphics are. When I was crossingthe bridge it was shown in many different perspectives. Can you imagine how cool is that? And here I thought that S.S. Aqua and Magnet Train looked amazing in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Also, Castelia city is huge! Of course each region has its own big cities but Castelia is something else. It has unique layout and few streets, all of which lead to city's centre. Right now I'm in Route 4 training for my upcoming 4th Gym battle. That one will be tough since next gym is electric type. My Tympole knows mud shot but it's not a dual type pokemon lik…

Exams are over - summer starts!

Although it is hard to believe, it really is over. Today I had my last exam - History. The exam wasn't as hard as I feared, so I'm hoping for the best. I know for sure that I won't get 100% as I made some mistakes but still I feel rather optimistic. ^^ Now that it's over I'm free to do whatever I feel like doing. So, I have picked up a lot of new anime to watch during summer. I might write here short first impressions. Also, I'm back to playing Pokemon White. I haven't played it since February!

Math exam: it's over...

Yeah, it's over... The exam was horrible... I really didn't expect so many exercises with geometry. I'm a total failure when it comes to geometry... And thus this Konata's face looks pretty much like mine after the exam. I don't even want to hear word "Math" ever again... Yeah, it didn't go well. I hope I will pass it... On the other hand, now I only need to prepare for history exam. Just one more week... Well, that's it for now.


I know that lately I haven't been very active but it's because I have my exams. Tomorrow I have Maths exam and next Wednesday there's History exam. On the brighter side, I have already went through two exams. Just two more exams and I will be free! Yay! But just like Konata (picture on the left) I can't concentrate on studying... So, please wish me luck!
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿After exams I'm hoping to marathon some anime I couldn't. And that's when real summer will begin!!!

Fate/Zero ED2 - Kirei version!

While searching for Fate/Zero ED2, I found this interesting video. At first I though that it's either going to be Kirei & Kiritsugu (belive me, I saw one...) or Kirei & Gilgamesh. I was hoping for latter one but in the end got neither. Instead this video focusses on Kirei and his wife. Her name is unknown and in anime version she was only briefly mentioned in very first episode. So, information about her mostly comes from novel. Thus video and this post contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Flickr app on!

Finally I have managed to add flickr app to my blog. It shows my most recent uploads. This month I have exceeded limit and can't upload any more photos. ^^" But please feel free to take a look at my older photos. This app will save some time for I no longer will need to share each photo on blog. Convenient, isn't it? ^^
Also, I have added list of books I'm currently reading. Right now there's only one on the list, though. :D

Eurovision 2012

And so it ended. It's rather sad that we ended in 14th place. I was really hoping for 10th-12th place. But still this was far better than last year's result (we were one of the last) and 2010 when we didn't even make it to the finals (InCulto was a bad choice, anyway). So, I'm happy that Donny Montell aquired us this 14th place. Also, Sweden won like it was predicted. They totally deserved this victory. :)

Fate/Zero OP & ED

I'm totally in love with Fate/Zero and its opening & ending themes. I can't stop listening to them. <3

Some stuff

I updated the list of websites and forums I have accounts on. Maybe I shouldn't have included forums I never was active on or no longer use but in that case it wouldn't be a full list. Some websites and forums are missing from the list but these were used mainly for testing. My Lithuanian forums are no longer active and I can't even log in forums. >.>

Also, today I tried taking photos of Sayuri (my Obitsu girl) in school but teachers and students kept intruding me. And I slipped this morning. The result is bruised leg, which hurts, and hole in my favorite jeans. How nice. >.>

Oh and I have English exam tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.

New Pokemon B&W game

this post was written under assumption that this is promo for new B&W anime series
I was very sceptic about this until I saw this awesome promo. So, excuse me but I can't help but scream "NO MORE ASH!!! HE'S FINALLY GONE!!!! N!!! WHERE DID YOU LOSE FEMALE???" Yep, Ash is gone for good. Instead we get two boys. I kinda wish they used boy+girl but this works as well, I suppose. And is it me or did Bianca become professor? My dear clumsy Bianca is professor? COOL! And I believe I saw Cheren as well. But the best part is animated N. I haven't played through first Black & White games but I strongly ship him with Hilda/Touko. Besides, N is cool. He's quite different from all the other rivals.  So, I suppose this means I will take a look at B&W anime end to say goodbye to Ashy-boy. I don't hate him but he stayed way too long. I wish he wasn&…


Sayuri, a photo by PerlaNemesis on Flickr. I'm trying out sharing from flickr. For some reason blogger app on flickr wouldn't work. :/ So, I will have to do this this way. Anyway, the photo is of my very first BJD - 60cm Obitsu. Her anme is Sayuri. All her clothes were sewn by my awesome friend Ausra. ^^

4 Sabers

Seeing photos of all four Sabers, I get reminded that I want one so badly! Saber isn't my favorite character but her Dollfie Dream version is just too hard to resist. :(  If only I had enough money for these beauties...


Currently I'm having a bit fun with my blog. ;D I'm trying out a completely different template and so far I like it. :D
Edit: Okay, so it's impossible to make a header picture while using this design. Well, that really sucks. Also, I have created a few pages to make this blog more organized but can't figure out how to link some of my posts to these new pages. o.o"

Edit2:  May 17th, 2012 I'm switching designs. I had fun using this design but it's more suitable for people who write lengthy posts. I don't have patience to do that so I'm switching to more common style.


For some reason I feel like adding fufufu~ at the end of every sentence. :D No idea why. Remon-senpai sure left huge impact on me. ^^; Anyways, she's great character. I really miss her pranks. :(

Kyuubey's song

If you ever saw "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" anime (or at least heard of it), then you certainly remember one little creature who loves making contracts with little girls.  So, let's listen to parody song about our dear Incubator. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ WARNING: spoilers ahead!

Little Busters! anime!

I'm sure you have heard about this already - famous Key visual novel is getting anime adaptation by J.C. Staff. So, let's look at what we have now - announcement of this anime.

TOYOTA & Studio 4°C new anime

It appears that car makers are really desperate for buyers. Yes, new anime on the way.

Introduction ;)

Hi, everyone! New blogger here. :) I'm 19 years old girl, who has chosen Pearl as her current nickname. Mostly I chose PerlaNemesis as my nickname so may know me already. :D Previously I had a blog on but I greatly dislike piczo and only piczo members can post comments there and my blog ended up being abandoned. If I have time I might transfer some of that stuff here. Now, let's talk about this blog. I have some different interests and I will try to post everything here. That's all for now. :)